Is PC Gaming dying?


Yes, I hate to admit it but “PC Gaming is dying.” It’s just that a large number of people are shifting to console based gaming. This is because having a gaming PC requires a lot of maintenance, parts need to be upgraded(which costs a lot of money) and many of the famous games such as Uncharted, infamous series, the last of us and many big titles such as GTA 5 ¬†are all exclusive to consoles.

PC gamers are suffering a lot because not many good story games are coming out like back in the days. Consoles on the other hand are becoming extremely popular because of the vario

us functions such as voice recognition, vibration etc. but the main reason is that gamers are being forced to play games on consoles and not on their own custom gaming pc which they can customize.


If given the choice, i would prefer a gaming pc over any gaming console such as the XboxOne, PS4, Wii etc. But since I cannot play many games on it I will have to go with a gaming console.